June 18, 2015


Dear Patient,


All healthcare providers and staff at Drs. Borders and Associates want to thank you for your trust and loyalty over the years and, recently, for your patience and forbearance during this volatile season of change within our practice and within healthcare in general. National trends of change in health care delivery are being influenced by increased legislative oversight and control, increasing economic challenges for those of us in independent private practice, and increasing shortages in primary care physician manpower.

As you know, Americans are aging and living longer. The Affordable Care Act has allowed many more Americans access to the healthcare system, but physicians willing to practice primary care medicine are diminishing in numbers. These realities are forcing us and all primary care practices to reexamine the model of healthcare delivery. This process was well underway within Drs. Borders and Associates but made more urgent by the announced departure of Dr. James Borders, effective July 31, 2015. It has not been possible to find a suitable physician replacement for him within this short timeframe. Dr. John Borders and Dr. Gregory Hood both have full schedules, but we remain optimistic that, if we all work together, embracing an evolving “team approach” to healthcare delivery, we can continue to provide the best primary care available. We want to serve our existing patients and want to welcome those of you who have been with Dr. James Borders to the new practice model. However, we cannot serve all of those who wish to remain with us using the traditional model of practice with which we are more familiar. We believe that by further developing a team of capable providers, your care will be enhanced. Non-physician clinicians must have an increased role in the delivery of your healthcare, and you will be asked to accept their involvement as appropriate.

Our healthcare team includes Physicians, Physician Assistants, Dietitians, Nurses, Certified Medical Assistants and other trained individuals. In the past year, many of our patients have had the opportunity to experience the excellent care and character of our Physician Assistants Brian McDowell, Micah Buckel, and Cristy Jackson. Currently, we are interviewing additional non-physician clinicians who meet our standard of character and quality to add to a new independent practice, Drs. Borders, Hood and Associates. In time, we hope to include at least one more Physician.

While we have long cherished the traditional care model, the new approach we are developing should preserve the best of our traditions yet have the potential to better serve your needs.

Please know that Dr. John Borders and Dr. Gregory Hood are committed to growing a stable, broad, high value practice here in central Kentucky, one which we hope and expect will persevere and benefit you, our patients, long after each of us has exhausted his own patient care horizons. We ask for your continued patience and understanding with us and with our staff.




John Borders, M.D. James Borders, M.D. Gregory Hood, M.D.